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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  January 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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just water was added to this? my skin definitely feels much more radiant. that sense of having like smooth dewy skin only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream for smoother, more radiant skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin. right now at 5:30 tornado touchdown a driver captures the video as a twister goes around him.
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quite a bit of rain already today. could more severe weather be on the way? >> plus traffic alerts. heinz boulevard shut down this morning after a fatal officer involved crash. it is 5:30 on thursday, january 28 i'm lauren pastrana. >> the ladies are also with us vanessa borge standing by with traffic f let's check in with meteorologist lissette gonzalez busy day yesterday and another one today. >> already bit, in fact, lauren and walter. good morning to all of you at home we had that tornado tear through coconut creek rain. a flood watch has been issued for broward, palm beach collier counties through this evening as yesterday some areas received 3-5 inches and an additional 2-4 inches of rain possible. we're seeing that wet weather very similar radar to what we had yesterday. and we had the storms really firing up across the southwest coast of the peninsula.
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of the showers sweeping in around tamarac, coral springs parkland, sun rise. oakland park up and down b 95 dangerous, yes, leave early. >> take your umbrellas. we're also seeing the rain around westton and b sun life stadium and pembroke pines. everything moving once ab again from the south and west to the north and east. the frontal boundary will keep the storm threat with us. more down towers, lightning gusty winds. 40-60miles per hour. yes, the risk of tornadoes and water spouts and dangerous rip currents. that on shore new year's eve continuing out of the east southeast 5-7 miles per hour. low 70s. clouds and storms around even as we get to the evening and tonight temperatures tumbling. talking 50s. i'll have mr. on the big change in the complete forecast ahead let's get a check of traffic. i-95 drivers northbound at northwest 62 street we have
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your express lanes, then your general purpose lanes, as well. now, the good news with this crash looks like it is clearing up. they're starting to move all the flares they set up. a number of cars involved. they towed the cars of the the way. express lanes opening up. but watch out this is northbound at 62 treat. we have a major unfortunately, traffic alert a fatal officer involved crash shutting down pines boulevard at hundred 14th avenue right in lakes mall. >> what we're hearing from police out on the scene the officer is in stable condition. the driver of the other car, the hospital. pines boulevard shut down throughout the morning because they have to investigate the scene. these are live pictures from that area. what you can also notice at this live shot it's very wet out there the possibly an indicator of how that crash
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you can take johnson street or pembroke road as the alternate. i-95, left lane blocked off by a stalled car. >> then another major traffic alert on the dolphin expressway eastbound at red road, three right lanes blocked off by this injury accident and for those of you trying to get onto i-95 northbound from 69 street yet a nut crash block that entrance ramp. we are keeping our eye on the storm the cleanup will resume this morning in northern broward county following a tornado touchdown. the twister tossed around cars and trucks and damaged homes and property. live at broward college in coconut creek. already raining there. >> reporter: that's right. we've d have a little bit of rain right now. but a lot of the damage had been cleared from campus. we're hearing from the national weather service that this tornado first touched down south of the college
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winds up to 100 miles per hour toppling trees, damaging half a dozen cars. then that tornado swept right onto the florida turnpike. >> we saw a whole bunch of wind we thought it was regular winds but then realized people were running and tree branches were flying. >> i'm okay. >> reporter: we did have some cell phone video hot by a cbs 4 news viewer i'm not sure if we're able to get that up. he basically coward a car in front of him on the turnpike getting tossed up into the air, then slammed down on the side. the person who shot the video said he waited for the tornado to pass, then tried to help the driver. fortunately, that woman is doing okay. now, the national weather service says that the tornado did touch down three times in broward county.
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damage there were only two minor injuries reported. we're live from coconut creek gaby fleischman cbs4 this morning. the tornado roared through the retirement community it cut a 150 foot swath right through the development there just off west atlantic and the turnpike in coconut creek. plenty of damage to the roof of one of the can doze. right after the tornado workers were already on the roof assessing damage and beginning the initial repairs. a number of trees were uprooted and lawn furniture tossed about. >> ate peered as though it was actually peeled back -- it appeared as though it was actually peeled back. we noticed a lot of the doors were blown in. >> no injuries record. here are more headlines the father of a missing plantation teenager under arrest. police arrested the boy's farther at miami international airport.
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the man had a one way ticket to new zealand. police say bruce jorgensen has refused to help them and would not file a missing person's report 19 days after his son disappeared. jorgensen initially told police he last saw his son on december 27 before kicking him out of his car. he's charged with deserting a child and held without bond. donald trump still refuses to attend tonight's debate inway a mid-an ongoing feud with megyn kelly. instead he is promoting a fundraiser for veterans taking place nearby at the contact same time. trump's chief rival ted cruz hundreds has proposed that they take part in a one on one debate in sioux city. developing this morning three more people arrested in connection with the armed group that seized a remote federal wildlife refuge. the fbi says several vehicles have left the refuge in oregon. they set up check points and took eight people into custody as they left the area.
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you will get another chance to vote on legalizing medical marijuana in florida. the group united for care began a petition drive has announced it has more than enough signatures to get the question on november's ballot. 60% would need to vet yes for it to become legal. it failed in 2014 by just over two percentage points the language is different. if you warrant to read that legislation we tweeted at a link to the full text. the fantasy sports league under a lot of legal scrutiny could be legal in florida. yesterday's state house and senate committees approved bills that would allow sites like fanduel and draft kings to continue operating. players should not have to worry they're committing a crime. newyork's attorney general sued the sites claiming they are a form of illegal gambling. today marks 30 years since the space shuttle challenger exploded it was january 28,
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booster failure caused tight break apart. 73 seconds after launch. all seven crew members died. among them a teach. at 10 this morning nasa holds a remembrance ceremony to honor the crews and the space shuttle challenger and certainty. their families. straight ahead the cbs4 news consumer alert. a possible credit card breach what you need to know. >> but first, helicopter comes crashing to the ground in the middle of a neighborhood. we're going to tell you what went wrong. plus an exotic pet found on a sleeping woman's chest is reunited with its rightful owner not that woman who was sleeping. how the animal escaped in the first place. >> traffic alert in pembroke pines. pines boulevard and 114th avenue. pines shut down in both directions this morning. eastbound and westbound for this police involved crash. unfortunately, we are getting
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scene that the driver of the other car involved did pass away. the police officer is in stable condition. we have a number of other alerts to talk about. we'll talk about it all when we get back. >> yesterday i warned you about the threat for severe weather and tornados indeed it was an active day with the tornado in coconut creek. i'm going to warn you again we could see severe weather today due to the stalled front area of low pressure.
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head welcome back south florida and good thursday morning. yesterday we had some serious dangerous storms roll across the area. that tornado that just ripped through coconut creek and pompano beach. but now we are dealing with the flood watch issued through this evening for palm beach, broward and collier counties. since we had all that rain yesterday. some areas received 3-5 inches and in addition 2-4 inches possible. we could see some flooding some severe flooding which means that if you do see that water that's indianaed and you cannot detect the depth you don't want to drive through it turn around, don't drown. as we look at the radar it's similar to yesterday at this time.
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southwest coast. palm beach county also getting drenched and yes, even here in south florida already wet. the roads are slick. there are the showers moving from the south and west to the north and east. sunrise tamarac, coral springs, deerfield beaches mornings of 95, 75, 595 will be slick. we have had rain in westton, davies. pembroke pines. hollywood, fort lauderdale, now beginning to see the rain, again, across kendall. and we had that ef 1 tornado yesterday. that was confirmed by the national weather service. it was across parts of coconut creek pompano beach peak winds 90-100 miles per hour. the path length 2.5 miles. two injuries zero fatalities the damage was just devastating.
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thanking our viewers for sending in photos. this is from the broward sheriff fire rescue a tractor trailer that was turned over. and we are going to see the potential for some more severe isolated tornadoes since we have the stalled frontal boundary and area of low pressure. and the atmosphere remains unstable. as we head throughout the day today that means the potential for some strong to severe storms heavy downpours lightning tornadoes as i mentioned water spouts possible and dangerous rip currents. the breeze out of the east southeast 3-9 miles per hour. 70s. throughout the day not pretty. clouds and storms around. we could see some flooding that's a big concern today, then we're going to be beautiful and cooler and breezy. as we head into friday. so there is light at the end of the soggy tunnel. pressure providing for dry, stable conditions, comfy
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cool conditions at fight time. so as we head throughout the day still unsettled keeping your eyes to the skies heinz the upper 60s we are going to see the potential for active w erst again. dangerous high risk of rip currents at the beach and not a good day for boating obviously. small craft advisory seas 4-8 choppy on the bays. dipping down to the 50. you won't need the umbrellas tomorrow. the weekend sweaters in the morning, 50s. highs in the low to mid-70s. back in the 80s with wet weather next week. we continue to follow this traffic alert live pictures from the scene in pembroke pines. if you diverge towards pembroke pines, there's a fatal officer involved crash. if you're familiar with the area that is across the street from pembroke lakes mall. you can see the police, suv involved. and then another car also involved. we're hearing that the woman use driving that other vehicle,
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this morning as a result of the accident. so the scene unfortunately won't be cleared up any time soon this morning. if you are heading in that direction take johnson street or pembroke road to avoid that intersection. it will be shut down for some time for the rush hour traffic. we have a broken down car 95 northbound at pembroke road left lane blocked off. an accident on i-95 at 69th street that scene cleared up. it was blocking that entrance ramp. then the same goes worth 836 drivers we had a major crash at red road at one point three lanes blocked off that scene now clear. now, to news across america in new york two people survived a helicopter crash in a long island neighborhood from the air you can see that small helicopter tipped over on the side right in the middle of an intersection. the pilot says he was attempting to make an emergency landing.
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new this morning serena williams rolls to the 7th australian open final. she took on another player and it was no contest. mints. serena charges towards the net and hit the cross court vol tie win the match. next up a date with curber. morning sports reports. good morning the super bowl hype is just about ready to rev up. the carolina panthers and the quarterback ready to take on the denver broncos. of course, talk about mr. cam newton. he and the panthers back at practice getting ready for the big showdown on february 7 in california. but newton also took time to talk tour the media about cam newton. after all he's had oversized quarterback who loves to leap into the end zone. celebrate too long for some critics. he lets it roll off his back.
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only thing that's changed is that we're winning. and i said it since day one, i'm an african-american quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven't seen nothing that they can compare me to. >> except maybe lebron james also catching a little heat because some folks believe he is a coach killer. lebron says he had n ugh to do with david blatt getting fired inclement here's lebron. >> i've never in my time since i played basketball ever undermined a coach ever disrespected a coach. i don't know. what you guys want me to turn my brain off because i have a huge basketball i.d. i'm not going to do it because i have so much to give to the game. >> all. the heat by the way in
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we'll hear from them a bit later today i'm jim berry. look for live reports from san francisco starting a week from today thursday february 4. we are now just 10 cause of days away from super bowl 50. watch the big game february 7 only here on cbs4. >> the countdown is on. time for talking with joe. live from the wqam studios the incomparable joe rose just like cam newton. that. although i probably got a lot of people are big fans but that's okay. i understand. but, you know, lauren hearing this cam newton stuff that he was talking about. he's right about one thing we have never seen a quarterback like this. i was thinking about it last night. going through the list. you know what he's done is absolutely remarkable thrown 38 touchdown passes in 18 games but he's also run for 12 touchdowns.
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than 150 times this season when most quarterbacks can't stay healthy just slowing from the pbcfr et, this guy's a big part of the running game. he's their second leading rusher averages almost 5 yards a carry. their runs that are set up by strategy for him to run. si just think it's amazing what he's been able to do. he plays with a smile. he has fun. he interacts with kids like we've never seen before during games. as he gets closer and closer to touchdowns they let the little ones come down because they know they're going to get a cam football coming up. i think what he's doing is fantastic for the game. i think it's unique it's fun. the game should be fun. i like the new school stuff i'm seeing from cam. >> yeah, great to see him having a great time and the rest of his team and everyone part of the organization also having a lot of fun very soon because the panthers owner will send every single team employee all to the
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for team morale. >> i just think it tells you a lot about the owner. and it's fantastic. that you take everybody's put in all that work behind the scenes and works at the stadium a that works that has to do the sales has to do all the small stuff behind, i think it's great. what a fantastic trip. let's not kid ourselves. those are expensive trips when you're going to the super bowl. everything's expensive. all the prices are jacked up. it's going to cost him a pretty penny to put them up. i applaud this guy it's fantastic and grate way to reward everybody in the temperature feel a part of what's going on in this great story called the carolina panthers. >> yeah, i just would not be on that plane if they don't win. that's a lot of fans on one plane. >> take care. >> remember you can watch the super bowl right here on
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and a very unuse yeahle exotic animal escaped and went on a wild adventure now back in the arms of the owner. he got his baby back yesterday. it looks like a monkey but it's actually in the raccoon family. they are usually found in the rainforest in central and south america. banana ran away from home and was on the loose for 10 days. >> go the my baby back. i thought she was loss forever. i was tenting my house i had to move mine brother's house. she figured out how to open the cage. >> she el nioed up in the bed of a 99-year-old woman. when the woman woke up she screamed and banana took off into the attic. it ended up at an animal hospital. happy to be back home. >> i love that he calls her his baby. talk, cat, or monkey doesn't
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smile. >> out with the old and in with the new. do your kids have too many toys? well it may be time to dade of trade them in. the big event by toys r us next on the money watch. >> yes, too many toys. we're all probably guilty of being late for work. what's your reason? we'll have some of the most bizarre excuses you ever heard. >> i'm tonight is the night the final republican debate before the primary season officially begins and the frontrunner says he's not going but will donald trump have a last minute change of heart? we'll have all the highlights and analysis. >> plus are we of the the woods when it comes to the wild weather? your complete forecast
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this on the money watch this morning do you have old cribs and strollers you want to trade in? >> plus a consumer alert involving wendy's jill, good morning. >> good morning walter, wendy'ses is investigating a possible data breach in some restaurant no word on which ones.
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learned of the fraudulent charges through payment industry contacts. reporting unusual activity on payment cards. customers being asked to keep an eye out. >> toys r us and babies are us want your old cribs, strollers and toys. the great trade in event starts monday. if you're bring in an old product you'll get 25% off a new purchase. >> facebook wants you to get a little more expressive. they've been experimenting with six additional emote cons. so now anger, sadness, wow, ha, ha and love are going global. the emote con for yay did not make the cut. >> they need a big red stop sign. the people that go on and and on we need that one. >> i know a few people like that. not naming names. >> so if you're late for work many of us are not alone. some people are getting very creative with the excuses tell
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>> yeah, we've all been late to work. >> so here's some of the more bizarre excuses during a survey by career builder. i was detained by homeland security. a vaseline truck overturned on the highway which caused cars to slip. and someone else said that a bear was taking a nap on the hood of my car. one out of four say they are late to work at least once a month. never us, though, walter. >> not unless the bridge is up and the train is going by. >> those are legit excuses. >> those happen here. i can't use it next time. thanks for that report we'll see you in the next hour. >> yeah, if i'm ever late i'm blaming the baby it helps if it's a cute baby like this one. if you like dimples, cuteness and a tiny smile you'll love the new gerber baby. the annual gerber baby photo contest from michigan. her photo was picked from more than 170,000 en trees.
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